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The Cachelot
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
  The Audacity of Hooperism
Obama has finally been showing his pedigree. Confronted with an ad questioning his connections with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, he went threatening legal action against the ad's sponsors and stations airing it. Way to go, Blulips. Nothing could show your religious and ideological lineage any clearer. Or maybe i should say "Cairer". When will we get a UN resolution calling for a ban on "insulting Obama"? Or was that planned for when the Obama Enforcement Organization (Public Allies) got its reeducation camps up and running?

Unhappily for Obama, McCain has now shown himself to be a contender so far above him that it's not even funny. Obama's planned private army ("a national security force as well equipped as the military") will never come to pass, because the blighter will never be elected. McCain has effectively decapitated his campaign by choosing a woman of substance to stand on the Republican side - which was really all they needed. A rallying point of the fundamental decency that is western civilization. Herbert E. Meyer of American Thinker marks this as the decisive battle of the culture war, and he's right. And Obama (and his owners) will lose.

Meanwhile, all kinds of strange stuff is going on. The sheer hate emanating from certain Democrats and the Obama campaign is enough to curl your hair (or your toes, depending which end you dip) - it's a regular witches cauldron. Some of the hate sites being put up by Obama fans easily rivals places like "Stormfront", "Revolution" over on Muslimpad, and what the "Tightrope" frontpage used to look like before that particular creep found that giving the space to flogging t-shirts and other nazist paraphernalia was better for the bottom line. On Huffington Post they seem to be decrying that Obama is being "moosed". Well, of course he is. I mean, the critter is just simply not at home among northern fauna. Over here we'd say he's being "moset", "mos" meaning "mash" and something you make with a masher. Words mean things, and sometimes the meanings get downright mean.

So what next for Obama? Maybe he should sell of his "Air Faux 1" throne on Ebay?

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Thursday, March 06, 2008
  Imam Obama - take this cow....
Yep. Obama should have a cow. Or so I hear. Kenyan elders are in a snit over a photograph of Barack Hussein Obama in a turban, and they wanted to fine Hillary something along the lines of a cow. Or many cows. And possibly other farm animals.

Hillary should just give them their apology, and deliver all these mooers to the Obama campaign, since Barack seems to be having an intimate relationship with Kenya (Raila Odinga et al). It would be a cinch for him to have them all shipped off to the right place.

Personally, I'm most curious about a question that doesn't really seem to have have given anyone the willies. Yet. Is Obama a qualified Imam??


Snip from Freedomsenemies:

According to Tine
, one of Obama's teachers and the principal from 1971 through 1989,
Barry actively took part in the Islamic religious lessons during his time at the
school. His teacher was named Maimunah and she lived in the Puncak area,
the Cianjur Regency."I remembered that he had studied "mengaji" (recitation of
the Quran)" Tine said.Obama himself
"In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during
Koranic studies."Our
in Jakarta
writes: "The actual usage of the word 'mengaji' in Indonesian and
Malaysian societies means the study of learning to recite the Quran in the
Arabic language rather than the native tongue. "Mengagi" is a word and a
term that is accorded the highest value and status in the mindset of
fundamentalist societies here in Southeast Asia. To put it quite simply,
'mengaji classes' are not something that a non practicing or so-called moderate
Muslim family would ever send their child to. To put this in a Christian
context, this is something above and beyond simply enrolling your child in
Sunday school classes.

So what, exactly, is this "mengaji" thing? To me, it sounds like "one who is able to lead the congregation in prayer", "one who can recite the quran" -- an Imam.

If that's what's aimed at the oval office, maybe a little more resources should be devoted to finding out. I recall a very gloating statement, repeated over and over again on a nazi/islamist site: "It's difficult to win a war when the enemy is inside your head".

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
  It's the season
It's been a while. But as usual, the bizarreness piles up to a point
where a few intemperate comments have to get out. And of
course, we're getting to the holidays.

First up we have CAIR, that terrorist organization trying its best
to emulate ACLU. Trying to have a few dirty fingers in the run
of the Holocaust museum.

Seems that Dennis Prager, a member of the governing board of
the Holocaust Memorial Museum, was careless enough to suggest
that the Minnesota muslim recently elected to congress ought
to be taking the oath on the bible instead of on the koran.

Instant muslim hysteria, of the most foam-flecked kind. Mr.
Hooper, the ringleader of the CAIR wing of Hamas, evidently
thinks he has a ring in President Bush's nose, so he's
demanding that Prager be fired from the holocaust museum
post. Funny thing, I'd have thought Mr. Hooper would long
since be living it up in Tehran at the antisemite yule party.

Anyway. Look up "taqiyyah". It's the koranic command for
a muslim to lie if it gains islam.

So, Mr. Hooper, what exactly would be the difference
between swearing on your book and swearing with your
fingers crossed? Perhaps drop the book altogether and
just cross all fingers and toes. But I'm pretty sure the bible
doesn't instruct you in lying, you know. So the book choice
does matter.

Mr. Hooper is also in a frenzy over US Air decanting a set
of rabid clerics from a US Air flight, on the request of several
passengers worried over the imams weird and threatening
antics, both in the airport and on the plane. Good for US
Air - if the muslims should boycott them they are a prime
candidate to become the safest airline in the world, right up
there with El Al.

And in Tehran we have just had Homodinejad's preparatory
holocaust-fest, featuring every nazist who feels in any way
important and a set of Neturei Karta antisemites on proud


As usual, Mr. Homodinejad latches on to a
friendly face with impressive suction.

In other terrorism news, it is reported that senior folks
from the Democratic pary have met with representatives
of the terrorist group Hamas. This is, I think, an act of blatant
criminality. But you know, there's an old and popular term
for the Republicans. Broken glass republicans - willing to
crawl over broken glass to vote Republican. I have another
term in mind for the Democrats: Kristallnacht-democrats.
Willing to endorse a new shoa for the Arab vote - and
maybe a dollar or two. And of course the scratching of
that itch that makes them snarl at "Jew Lieberman".
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
  Not from the Home Depot
Since there's no end to the funny stuff (unintentionally, I'm sure)
coming from that bedlam we laughingly call "Iran", I've been
looking in the armoury for a suitable response. A response to
what, you say?

Well, it seems Iran has designed "the most advanced Sea Shell".
Blurp from FARS (no, not FARCE):

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran's navy commander
Admiral Sajjad Kouchaki said that Iranian military
experts have succeeded in making the most advanced
sea shell in the world.

The shell called 'Fajr' comprises 25 thousand parts
manufactured through partnership of over 100 Iranian
companies and academic elites.

There is, of course, enough bizarreness in just these
couple of lines to sink an Iranian battleship, or perhaps
an Iranian PT-boat. Generally, Seashells contains only one
significant part - the mollusc. Although biologically complex,
perhaps even comprising 25000 mollusc-widgets, it's
tempting to classify the mollusc as almost as low-grade as
the devices between the Iranian "Elite's" ears. Sorry
Homodinejad, but that's the state of your "military".

However. It's tempting to think of a suitable present for
the Iranian Baghdad-Bob-esque fixer-uppers of their
Mohammedan Military forces. And by God, I think I
have found the ideal surprise gift for all the followers of
"Mad Mo" down there in Jihadland.

Compared to the ultra-advanced concepts coming from
the Iranian Academic Elites it's somewhat old hat. It is,
in fact, so old in the US arsenal that you could almost call
it "traditional", although it was never tested back in the
sixties when it was developed. It was deemed too destructive
for a test in peacetime. But now the foot is in another
boot, isn't it? And the world is teeming with proving

So I'm thinking the item almost made for the purpose of
lending the Iranian Home Improvement Project a hand
is a crowbar.

Now don't get me wrong. This is no cheap dingus from
the Home Depot. This thing had many names: Pluto, "The
Flying Crowbar", Vought SLAM or just "The Weapon From

There's lots of interesting articles about this item, which
was paused because of the lack of suitable testing facilities.
From one of them:

Pluto's namesake was Roman mythology's ruler of the
underworld -- seemingly an apt inspiration for a
locomotive-size missile that would travel at near-
treetop level at three times the speed of sound,
tossing out hydrogen bombs as it roared overhead.
Pluto's designers calculated that its shock wave
alone might kill people on the ground. Then there
was the problem of fallout. In addition to gamma and
neutron radiation from the unshielded reactor, Pluto's
nuclear ramjet would spew fission fragments out in its
exhaust as it flew by. (One enterprising weaponeer had
a plan to turn an obvious peace-time liability into a
wartime asset: he suggested flying the radioactive
rocket back and forth over the Soviet Union after it
had dropped its bombs.)

WOW, is all I can say. Hey Mahmoud, one of these things
with its 26 hydrogen bombs load can wipe out Iran and
then sterilize the place for hundreds of years. Since you've
been touted as an engineer, if I remember, I'm sure tou're
educated enough to know the meaning of the word "bonus".
Btw, my curiosity is somewhat tickled over this - are you
a "nuclear enginer", or a "nuclear physicist" like that
demented Peanutfarmer, Dixie-mob-big and Rabbitophobe
Mr. Carter?

Anyway, there's a good illustration of the crowbar in the
linked article. And it WAS tested, in a way - just not given
the freedom to fly around. So it's 50 years old tech that can
be brought right out again.

Anyone in the Pentagon up for it?
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Monday, September 11, 2006
  On a bad day
Five years ago, on this day, I was on the phone with Nix. We
were watching a bunch of webnews streams and stuff as usual.
Of course, "usual" was only until the first plane hit the WTC.
When the second one hit, it was pretty obvious what was going
on. Still, Osama didn't even cross my mind. The "palestinians"
did. And sure enough, a few hours into the day a Palestinian
group actually claimed credit - the PFLP if I remember, but my
memory may be slightly off.

Later, the world was in shock and the Palestinians celebrated.
Dancing and ululation was everywhere, much shooting in the
air, and cakes. Funny thing that, about the Palestinians: you'd
think they'd be relegated to eating rubble, poor and down-
trodden as they are, not to mention constantly blowing things
up. But the land is flowing with cake. Maybe that's why the
French love them so, because they've taken Marie Antoinette's
advice to heart?

Matter of fact, all the Arabs/Muslims celebrated, but the Pali
celebrations seemed somehow the most orgiastic and insane.

Ululating female

Still later, it became obvious just how much depravity there
was among Americans. The left demonstrated - and made their
views clear:


And a vile website, the Church of Euthanasia, put up one of
the sickest videos I've seen on the web.

The "Church" is here:

Church of Euthanasia video

It might be a good thing if the "Church" got a certain level of

So. Against that backdrop of vileness and perversion, a couple
of items popped into my head. Maybe to balance things out a
little. They're both quite unrelated to anything, but they both
form sort of a tenous link between Norway and Israel.

Item one.

When I was a kid, I used to have this neighbour who was, among
other things, a true technical genius. For example, back not so
long after WWII, having a tractor was somewhat uncommon up
north. But this guy built one for his dad, out of scavenged parts -
a dead gearbox here, a crankaxle there, an engine block... you get
the idea. More examples: he set up a large sort of garage, mostly
as a hobby, and handbuilt most of the power tools. If he had a
dead motor, he'd rewind and rewire it himself. He got into ham
radio in middle age, and having gotten his license went about
building equipment and unceremoniously plonked a 50ft selfbuilt
radio tower next to his house. It looked like the bloody Eiffel tower.

He was also a gun nut. And I guess it rubbed over, somewhat.
And when I sold my 12ga over/under, he bought it and was
pleased about it - and he was pleased to lend me his M1.

He was a big, frequently redfaced man with a terrible temper
and a huge heart. God bless him.

So what does that have to do with Israel? Nothing. Maybe.
But his Dad's name was Meier. Never struck me before.

Item two.

This is a sort of linguistic link. See, we'll soon be coming up
on Christmas. And of course, in October, Sukkot.

One of the important ingredients in Norwegian baking for
Christmas, used in the Christmas Cake, is something called
Sukat. It's green (looks like diced snot, actually), but still
tasty. It's used along with raisins. With me so far?

Sukat, it turns out, is a glazed citrus fruit peel. Guess what
citrus fruit? The Etrog.

Meanwhile, out there in the real world, Mark Finkelstein
is reporting on the days nastyness from the New York
Times. Quote:

"On a day when we should be coming together, the Times
does its best to tear us apart. On a day when the focus should
be on the terrorists who threaten us and the brave people
who have defended us against them, the Times trains all its
bile on the Bush administration".

The New York Times. Where every column is the fifth column.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006
  Tired of Winning
Back in 2005, Ehud Olmert was speaking at a tribute dinner
given by the Israel Policy Forum. The remarks were quite
exceedingly strange, but then they were given in strange
company - the IPF is an offshoot of "the Oslo process", the
architects of which were an unappetizing blend of Jihadist
sympathizers and petty criminals. The now chief UN kahuna
on the Mid-East front, for example, left Norway and an already
established post as "minister of planning" in the wake of an
embarassing police investigation into his finances and tax


We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous,
we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our
enemies, we want that we will be able to live in an entirely
different environment of relations with our enemies.
We want them to be our friends...

It goes on. But already in 2005, Israel's enemies were
Olmert's friends. And it didn't really start there, of course.
Voices in the Sharon government, which Olmert was a
part of, were early on heard favouring removal of IDF
protection from settler outposts the wanted gone. The
thinking was that the Arabs, well armed as they were,
would soon drive the settlers off.


Now, of course, after the Lebanon debacle, the pinhead
may have to pay with his political life. After too many of
his countrymen paid with their real life for his politics of
appeasement, delusion and "Arabs First".

But maybe not. Already, Olmert's ilk is heard voicing its
point of view in papers like Haaret'z (which just yesterday
sold 25% of its stock to a German company with an
illustrous Nazi past). From Gideon Levy:

Another slam-bam win would have brought disaster upon us.
Drugged with power, drunk with victory, we would have been
tempted to implement our success in other arenas.

Drugged with power and drunk with victory, huh? Not bloody
likely with your kind, Mr. Levy - you represent the leftwing
Jews so bent on suicide that you'll leap triumphantly into the
ovens and gloatingly drag your unwilling brethren with you.

And this nincompoop goes on, about the six-day war:

There is no way of imagining an easier and sweeter victory.
Israel's "deterrent capability" was restored - and in a big way -
in a manner that was supposed to guarantee its security for
many years. And what happened?

I'll tell you what happened: Levy's kind happened. The
antisemitic-to-the-bone American appeasement train
arrived. And Israel, after yet again beating the Arabs (who
had their nuts raked out of the fire by the US) gave Sinai
back to the enemy.

Now, let me suggest a non-PC script for stopping this nonsense
once and for all.

  1. Take aside 10% of Israel's nuclear warheads for immediate delivery.
  2. Set aside another 10% on second-strike platforms.
  3. Hit Iran. Hit Tehran with 8 medium warheads in a circular pattern. Then use 8 more for nuclear installations.
  4. Hit Syria. One large warhead over Damascus should be enough. Now you should be down to 23 warheads left, for immediate use at your discretion, after having spent a very short amount of time neutralizing Iran and Syria.

You're now left with 63 warheads in first-strike and second-strike positions. Ask the EU, the US and the UN if they have any objections. If they object, ask what 63 cities they would like to lose first.

Of course, this will never happen. Israel will march itself right into Holocaust II before it acts "disproportionately". Too bad.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006
  The Agony of Choosing
I came across this revealing shot of Mr. Homodinejad looking
over his flock:

Homodinejad's pick

Wonder when the Iranian sharia courts are going to give this
cretin the 60 lashes they owe him?
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  Man of Peace
What with all the hullabaloo in the middle east, I've been
on a Bob Dylan binge. The lyrics for "Neighborhood Bully"
are popping up literally everywhere.

But I've got another set of lyrics running around in my
head at the moment, after seeing Mr. Annan, that icon of
UN antisemitism, snarling and snapping at the Jews as

Just a couple of verses. I'm sure old Bob wouldn't mind:

He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue,
He knows every song of love that ever has been sung.
Good intentions can be evil,
Both hands can be full of grease.
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

Well, first he's in the background, then he's in the front,
Both eyes are looking like they're on a rabbit hunt.
Nobody can see through him,
No, not even the Chief of Police.
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

Man of Peace

Kofi Annan

But I bet you never thought about Kofi's underpants.


Is this his secret?
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Saturday, July 22, 2006
  Send war in our time,O Lord!
Because it is time, and time past, for "something to drop
from eyes long blind" - and for the showdown between the
madness of the dark ages, Islam, and the civilized world.

Israel is, at long last, at the moment of truth - and the rest
of the world has to gather round to help or go under. This
is not an "oppression of poor palestinians", or of "poor
Lebanese civilians". It is Islam's war to extinction against
all that is not Islam and it will ultimately end with Islam or
the rest of the world surviving. Fidels or infidels, not fidels
and infidels. My erstwhile countryman Jan Egeland can take
that "proportionality" and choke on it. Trygve Lie would be
extremely ashamed of his organization today - imagine the
pre-war League of Nations as a powerful entity and in Hitler's

If Israel were to pursue "proportionality", we would see
millions dead in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Asia and Europe.
There would already have been nuclear strikes at Tehran
(Tehran's population is somewhere around the ten million
mark) and against Damascus (pop. ~ 1,3 million).
The Gaza and West Bank "Palestinians" would have been
driven into Jordan, Egypt or the sea. And Geneva, the
Hague and other capitals of the "fourth reich" would be on
the Israeli ICBM target roster, just for safety's sake. This
is proportional. Israel's existence is at stake, so she has the
right to remove the threat by any means necessary.

What the appeasers of the Eurabian salons (and they form
an uncomfortably large proportion - there's that word again -
of the EU population) have not groked so far is, of course, that
their own existence is at stake too.

And that they better get on the ball or go the way of chaff
in the wind. Personally, I'd love to see them go - except their
place would be taken by crazies throwing bombs and slicing
throats instead of wringing hands and blubbering about Israeli
"disproportionality". From the pan into the fire, as it were.
So I hope they'll not crawl under a rock and expire just yet,
unlovable as they are.

Of course, it would probably be possible for Israel to act in a
"disproporionate" way. I can think of a few things.

What I can't think of, in my wildest imagination, is talks
with these people:

Celebrating Sharon's stroke

Sharon Stroke Celebration

Sharon Stroke Celebration

Sharon Stroke Celebration

Cartoon insanity

Prophet Madness

Prophet Madness

Sorry. Better dead than red, to bring the parlance back to
the days of "The Evil Empire". And life in Islamofascist
utopia is, from all acounts, infinitely worse than life in old
KGB-land - although it's being given a run for its money
by the newer red paradises.

Anyway - it's crunch time. The US and the rest of the world
can, to some degree, atone for previous sins by standing with
Israel now. They better. For example, when whining about
Lebanon and it's "fledgling democracy" one should bear in
mind a few things:

Lebanon is not a democracy, fledgling or otherwise, as long as
it's governed by a foreign terrorist organization controlled
by Tehran. In fact, Lebanon isn't even a viable state. The
state of Lebanon was murdered by Yasser Arafat with the
active help of America. And that's just one of the blows dealt
by the US against Israel.

Norway has a bit to make up for too. The Oslo process has
made the word "Oslo" even more infamous around the world
than WWII managed to make the name "Quisling". A cold,
hard look will show that while there were probably some good
intentions both in the path of Mr. Quisling and the history
of the "Oslo process", both were supremely stupid. And
ultimately evil.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
  Priorities 2

International Women's Day

Google International Women's Day

Mozart's Birthday
Google Mozart's Birthday

World Cup
Google World Cup

Flag Day
Google Flag Day
# Posted by The Cachelot @ 10:16 PM
Sunday, June 04, 2006
  To whom it may concern
In her latest post on the Israel Right and Wrong blog, Nix
made an assertion of prophecy/clairvoiance. From what I
have seen since 1999, she's right.

For some of the claims she may make, I have notes. For
some I have not. These are all just my notes, however, so
it's up to anyone whether to believe them or not.

There's one, though, that is a little bit different. It concerns
the space shuttle tragedy in 2003. Nix told me repeatedly,
in the hours before anything happened, that the shuttle would
be destroyed and that she thought it would be by an explosion
or similar. We were on the phone at the time, and to say that
she was upset doesn't really begin to describe it.

Eventually I went to bed, getting back to the running news
on the web when I woke up. And the first thing I saw was
the first murmurs of something being wrong with the shuttle,
on http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/833885/posts

I called Nix, and we both watched the events of Columbia's
eventual crash unfold. It was a rather terrible day.

Anyway, the discussion linked to (and several others
concerning Columbia) took place on freerepublic.com.
Shortly after the crash, Nix - on one of those threads -
described her prediction to me. I made a post and
confirmed it, here:


To make things clear: over the years I have known her, Nix
has made literally hundreds of predictions to me, and
statements of facts that she couldn't have known at the
time - indeed, that nobody knew at the time. Some were
so improbable that I argued she had to be wrong. As it
turned out, she was not.
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Monday, May 29, 2006

Valentines Day

Google Valentines Day

St. Patrick's Day

Google St. Patrick's Day

July 4th

Google July 4th


Google Halloween


Google Easter

Earth Day

Google Earth Day

Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday

Google Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday

Memorial Day

Google Memorial Day
# Posted by The Cachelot @ 10:27 PM
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
  Fun and Games

A while ago I came across a funny sort of thing on the Iraq
The Model blog, about Muqtada al-Sadr and his slightly
bizarre view of ball sports.

Habibi the west made things for us that distract us from our
integration, uh, what it put for us? Made us run after a ball
habibi…that is like 'eat gargary'* habibi.

They let us waste time on it…singing, football, and and and
smoking and stuff and satellites in forbidden things are used
and so on; they left us to do forbidden things and they mostly
turned to scientific things and thingy things.

There's quite a few good illustrations of the mindset of Islam
around the web. One of the things they keep saying, over and
over, is this:

  1. We are morons. We always were morons. We'll always be morons.
  2. It's the Jews fault. They're into science while we're morons.

They're half right, of course.

Meanwhile, talking down on Gargary, ol' Muqtada looks like he's
had more than a passing aquaintance with the sugar lollipops
himself. Probably cleans his teeth with a stick, like any good wahab.
Not that there's anything wrong with cleaning wahabist teeth with
a stick, of course. But imagine a wanderer, meeting Zawahri on
the road somewhere:

Wanderer: "Oh wise old man with the scraggly beard and the
leprous growth on the forehead, which way to the Umma?"

Zawahri: "Silly kufr. It's right over yonder hill. See that cloud
of halitosis rising?"

In other news of the wide world of sports, Iran is set to ban
any athlete looking too effeminate. They seem particularly set
against footballers plucking their eyebrows. Hereafter we can
expect the Iranian footballers not only to have fallen prey to
the Jewish trap of useless organ-moving, but also to wear the
popular unibrow. You know, the kind you see in all these
common Gaza activities like swarming on dead bodies, waving
Islamic flags, burning other flags, lugging explosives, having
"work accidents", slicing their kids with daggers, jumping around
with the koran, jumping around with guns, jumping around
with their newly made nitroglycer...

You get the idea.

Now, if their boss could only be slightly less effeminate (Nix
only calls him "Homodinejad") . It's the best moniker I've
seen for him in a while. Look (may a popout be upon your

You are the sound of one lip kissing

Of course, it would also be good if Mr. Homodinejad were
slightly less lunatic. That might make him less prone to think
that he is glowing supernaturally and less prone to arrange
for his countrymen to glow naturally. Maybe if he would wash
more, sort of use more time on personal grooming and stuff,
he'd have less time to converse with djinns and fantasize
about his magical aura?

The latest tard-scare in the Iran nuclear bomb thing is
supposedly al-Quaeda threatening to set off nuclear bombs
in the US if Iran isn't allowed to proceed with their bomb.
Hello? Anyone IN there? If the moonbats had a nuclear
arsenal, would they have run around like they've eaten
berserker-shrooms demanding to have their bomb?

From WorldNetDaily:
Mir said that he met with an Egyptian engineer last week
who lost an eye after one of bin Laden's nuclear tests in the
Kunar province of Pakistan.

Right. It's all fun and games with all these nuclear tests,
until someone puts their eye out.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
  Inappropriate Flying Things
Having had a good snicker at that unique politician/boxer,
Cynthia McKinney and her claims of being "inappropriately
touched", I just noticed an image that fills me with questions:

Primp and Cynth

Who is that person on the congresswoman's left? Is he
inappropriately touching her? Why are her eyes bugging out?
Why is her hair bugging out? And who is that person with the
winged hair in front of her??


Meanwhile, Mahmoud "I'm Tiny" Ahmadinejad's military is
bragging that they have made a "super-modern flying ship".

The Flying Boat

The flying boat is supposedly invisible - much like Ahmadinejad's
golden halo, and able to fire missiles while moving. Oh, and the
Iran Revolutionary Guards have a Torpedo too. Not just one,
in fact, but two homerolled Mohammedan torpedos. Or is that

Anyway, they are being so obviously dangerous, mean and
malevolent that one should just take their posturing at face
value and hand them a Trident. Which would neatly cut the
whole gordian knot of islamic nukes, Iranian nutball wannabe
genociders and sheer annoying islamofascist creepiness.

MIRV, anyone?

In other news of world wide wackiness, we find that the first
statue to commemorate the late Pope John Paul II has been
made by a muslim. Perhaps not so odd in view of the Pope's
famous kissing of the Koran, but still. The sculptor, a muslim
and karate-exponent, claims the Pope saved his life on three
occasions - when he attempted "dangerous records". Why are
karate record attempts dangerous, and why did they involve
the Pope??

Anyway, the sculpture prominently features a dove dominating
the globe, which is again seen placed in a dominant position over
the cross. Jihadi symbolism often features the Globe. The
dove, also, often features prominently as more of a Jihadist
symbol than anything peaceful. For example, it is found
frequently in Hamas outlets advocating suicide bombing.

And as any pest-control professional will tell you, in their field
doves are known as "flying rats"...

Symbolism: Dove over Globe over Cross
# Posted by The Cachelot @ 7:27 PM
Thursday, March 30, 2006
  Chip the Bastards!
I was going to say a few things about that "Israeli", Mr. Olmert,
but the theme is just too distasteful.

Suffice to say that there seems to have been election fraud, no
doubt because Jimmah Carter wasn't there to do pollwatching.
Olmerts gorillas would probably have let an entourage led by
an icon of the US of Antisemitism through, instead of rounding
the inspectors up like they did with the conservatives. That
would probably have ended with 675 Kadima seats, though.

Chinese, anyone??

So -- funnier things are going on in the US. Cynthia McKinney
is on the loose.

Fierce Creatures II

Many are writing about McKinney's latest bout of weirdness
trying to punch out a member of the Capitol Police trying to get
her attention when she evaded the metal detector.

Now, Cynthia seems to be in the nasty habit of not wearing her
ID-pin. I understand that similar arrogant habits are quite
common amongst the "big" people making their lair at the Capitol.

Let me suggest an effective, simple and cheap solution: chip the
bastards. Have them chipped with a solution that will track them
from they reach, say, 50 feet from the Capitol entrance. In terms
of technology, this should be a little more elaborate than the
stuff used for your beloved Fido, but not terribly much.

If you want to splash for a much more elaborate solution, you
might design a chip capable of delivering electric pulses. Make
it receive signals from stations in the Capitol. And then devise
a system to let voters deliver their displeasure to the Capitol via
the TV remote. This would open for all kinds of neat stuff, like
weighting (congresscritter McKinney has accumulated 16
demerit points this afternoon --- mild zap!, RINO Specter
had 378 Republicans fuming --- WHAP!!). Could even result
in a popular "watch the Congress" live TV channel. At which
point the creeps would actually be doing something useful.

Amusing the public.
# Posted by The Cachelot @ 7:22 PM
Monday, March 20, 2006
  Diplomat Games
From Vienna comes the news of a Yemen diplomat unloading
his pistol on a hapless shoeshine man who didn't hop to his
bidding fast enough. The guy has to be connected to the UN

Anyway, I've been around and found some essential diplomat
gear for the Yemen foreign service:


Revolver with shotgun barrel for diplomats with an aiming problem.

Six-Shooter Bong Attachment

To increase the number of diplomatic hits: Six-Shooter Bong Attachment.

Oh well.

Also on the foreign relations front: the Dutch are now going to
test their would-be muslim immigrants by showing them gay
and similar funny stuff.

Brokeback Tehran

Moderate Immigrant: So what if this guy is jumping out of the
closet like a demented jack-in-the-box? Doesn't bother me any
as long as I don't have to marry him.

But then again, there might be this:


Wahab Immigrant: So what is this you are showing to me? Is
it Broken Baked Mountin? Aiiii... what is he doing to that
sheep??!!?? Iiiiahh..shub niggurath... off with your head,
infidel!! Allah Akbar. Allah Akba....

At that point, I'm afraid the immigration authorities will have to
show spine not really existing in the Netherlands.

Curly Hal Al

Oh, and an escaped sheep from Hollywood , Curly Hal, tells us that "No
Sheep were hurt during the making of Brokeback". This
is good to hear. But what's up with all these sheep
escapes anyway?
# Posted by The Cachelot @ 1:57 PM
Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Mustafa who???
The peaceful model citizens given to "muslim life", cunningly
depicted in idyllic terms on the US State Department's site
here, seems to be on another rampage. We'll get to it in a
moment, but first: old business. I said my modest Mohammed
insult was too big to fit here, so it's been shrunk:


Anyway. The rational representatives of the religion of peace
are incensed (if that's the word) over adult superstore Ann
Summers. Here's the deal:

Muslim fury at sex toy

FURIOUS Muslims have blasted adult shop Ann Summers
for selling a blow-up male doll called MUSTAFA SHAG. They
complained that the novelty sex toy insults the Prophet
Muhammad — who also has the title al-Mustafa.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Whatever. The English have already banned some piggy banks
so as not to offend the crazies, so I guess the blowup Mustafas
may be shortlived. After all, there's no shortage of real blowup
muslims, is there?

But of course, it may behoove the dhimmis to run a check on
synonyms for Mohammed. They wouldn't want to offend anyone,
now would they? Particularly not genocidal representatives
of the Naziism of the new millenium...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Super Extra Special Mustafa Shag, Baby..

# Posted by The Cachelot @ 6:15 PM
Tuesday, February 07, 2006
  Burnt Offerings
I've been watching Israel rather close lately. Mr. Olmert, the
usurper of government, seems to be sitting very still. He may
be torn between making another attack on the Jews, defying
Hamas, not defying Hamas, paying Hamas tribute or just
running away. Luckily for him, he still has Condoleezza Rice
whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Which doesn't seem to
make him any less malignant in any way whatsoever.

Fierce Pinhead (Capo Ferox)
Capo Ferox

Condoleezza is telling him that the US is, of course, still an ally.
And that the US is really, really pushing at us silly Euros to get
us to not be rushing into dealing with Hamas. Well, if there's
any betraying of Israel to be done, the US has traditionally
preferred to do that themselves. That's perfectly understandable.
She probably wouldn't like old EU to cut into the Arab -> USA

Meanwhile, in the world at large, there seems to be a fatal error
in that notorious religion we all know. Yes, I know I digress. Sort
of. Anyway, spot the flaw:


Sorry to say, my Mohammed insult was too big to display,
shamefully modest as it was, so it will have to be in a later post.
But the few and timid Mohammed toons already out there have
already put the peaceful model guest citizens from the seething
umma into their usual genocidal frenzy. Or so they say. It
might have more to do with the machinations of Iran, a certifiable
state of lunacy, working through the Islamic Nazi Party Hizb

Fifth Column

In any case, the US State Department is being a good Mohammedan
sort of sport, as usual, and toeing the Wahab line against freedom
of speech. The State Department fatwa comes at a time when most
of the world is waking up to what is actually going on, Islamwise,
and seems to be designed to appease the rabid dog foaming just
inches from biting off another 9.11. But then, the department has a
long and sordid history both of proselytizing (illegally, I might add)
for Islam, and of using Jewish blood as currency for buying Arab

Lesser Official
State Department official appearing on condition of anonymity

The one SD official who is never anonymous, but always the Arab
gofer, is of course Condoleezza Rice. Funny how that name always
bring the word-association "condolences". Anyone have my deepest
condolences for having to deal with that critter. Or, as someone
pointed out at LGF recently: Condi Rice is...CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

Your eyes are like pools of crude..
"Your eyes are like pools of crude.."

But even if it is tempting to believe that the US State Department
is acting under its own dhimmitude, I have to conclude that the US
President is no better. Actually, I've been watching Dubya's lips
move. For years. And there seems to be a sync problem.

When he said (before he was first elected, way back when)
that his first Presidential act would be to move the US embassy
in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he obviously meant:
"I'm gonna have my goonies lean on those dumb Jews until
they cede Jerusalem to Hamas. In the meantime, the SD can
deny Jewish/American passports from stating "Born in
Jerusalem, Israel" - a department behaviour in open defiance
of US law. That'll teach'em".

When he said that he'd veto the McCain/Feingold act, he clearly
meant "I'll sign the McCain/Feingold act. Political free speech
is a nasty sort of thing anyway".

When he was wearing a kippa at the Kotel, he obviously was
a bit less than sincere since his goal, crystalized in amazing
sharpness over the last few years, seems to be driving the
Jews into the sea - an achievement not realized by even his
most antisemitic predecessors or even that saint in the
Arab consciousness, Herr Hitler.

On his watch, America has courageously introduced landmark
legislation apart from the attack on free political speech. Private
property has been abolished "with the stroke of a pen". There's
a few protests, but mostly the "Elephants" (or anyone's) response
seems to be a gallop for businesses to steal whatever real
estate they don't already own. Clinton must be gasping in

Clinton was famously claimed to be "the first black President".
With Dubya's dealings with the Sauds and his relationship
with Bill Clinton at a "like a brother" level, I'd not be surprised
to see him claiming to be "the first Arab president". Though I
suspect that if the Sauds squeezes any harder on his privates,
he might become the first woman president too.
# Posted by The Cachelot @ 10:47 AM
Friday, February 03, 2006
Powers, Principalities and Dominions of the Unspeakable
Things are getting interestinger and interestinger in Israel.
Today, Arutz is bringing news that Eyal Arad, an advisor to
the prime minister, says : "The nation hates you [the Jewish
public living in Judea and Samaria] as much as it hates the
Arabs, and my job is to make sure they hate you even more."


Mr. Arad, as weasels are wont to do, is weaseling. He's claiming
he never uttered those words. "I didn't say it. Nobody heard
me say it! You can't prove anything!!" Well, not quite those
terms but near enough.

What he can't weasel out of, however, is the rest of his slime-
trail. It's there for all to see, like something left by a murder-

Seems that in 2004, Mr. Arad went to work for a well-known
Romanian antisemite named Vadim Tudor. Even the rather
liberal/leftwing Anti-defamation League was appalled, and said

It is appalling that Eyal Arad has agreed to run the Presidential
election campaign of Vadim Tudor, a known anti-Semite,
thereby giving credibility to Mr. Tudor and his party, Romania
Mare. Through his party’s newspaper and in public statements
Mr. Tudor has a long and entrenched history of anti-Semitism
and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

Now, the ADL may have the idea that Jews cannot be antisemites.
It is a tempting concept, but events prove otherwise. Just think
of the words of Shimon Peres:

"There's too many Jews in Israel, and not enough Israelis. "

Anyway, here's another description of Mr. Arad's onetime

..the platform of which Time magazine described as "a crude
mixture of anti-Semitism, racism and nostalgia for the good
old days of communism." To this, one ought to add ultra-
Nationalism, anti-Magyarism, anti-Gypsyism, and frequently
featured (albeit less proeminent) homophobia.


So Mr. Arad has some explaining to do. So have his employers.
Oh, I forget. One of his employers, the erstwhile Ariel Sharon,
is currently and conveniently zombified. The other one of
recent (herostratic) fame, Mr. Olmert is busy living up to his
name. If you spoke Norwegian you might get the joke - here's
a hint:

Fierce Creatures

Not a particularly good joke, but suitably sickening.

Getting back to Mr. Arad for a moment, there's more. He
seems to have been a central consultant for Mr. Spielberg
in his latest pro-terrorist venture in "humanizing" and
sanitizing the mass murderers in "Munich".

What's next, Kadima/Arad/Olmert? Holocaust denial?
# Posted by The Cachelot @ 4:51 PM
Monday, January 30, 2006
  The Party of the Undead
So Mr. Olmert, the strange creature in charge of Kadima, is
going to use the undead body (and slogans) of Ariel Sharon
in his campaign - with feverish support of President G.W.
Bush and Queen Condoleezza.

The backbone of the Kadima is, of course, that it has no back-
bone. Except for the use of police to steal Jewish property
on behalf of the Arabs and the US administration. Oh, and
the police is useful for throwing children in jail too. Can you
say "hostage-takers", folks? I knew you could.

Kleptocrats in Motion

The PA has just had its election, complete with the presence
of antisemitic icon Jimmy Carter and the democratic victory
of a global terrorist organization. No surprise there, of course.
Democracy is on the march in the Middle East, just as it was
in the 1930's Germany. Not only has the Palestinians declared
their democratic support of genocide and terror, but in Iran
they now have a bona fide democratically elected nutbag who
thinks he has supernatural qualities.

With the Palestinians formally unmasking and showing the pig
heads beneath, you might expect the west to take a fair bit of
exception. Tzipi Livni said that terrorists must be prevented
from taking control of the PA. Now that's funny. Funny peculiar,
not funny haha. Especially seeing that her own Ehud Olmert,
the usurper of the Israeli government, is arguably a coupmaker,
a terrorist, an antisemite and a traitor. Good thinking, Tzippy.
Let's keep the terrorists out. That deserves a pinhead award.


Again: Just brilliant, Zippy....

Meanwhile, I have questions for the Kadhimmis. Such as:

# Posted by The Cachelot @ 6:58 PM
Lookin' at you

Lookin' at you Lookin'.

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